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A patient lift is used to transport a person that has little or no ability to walk.

There are two types of patient lifts. It can either be a movable overhead lifting unit attached to a rail system affixed to the ceiling of the room the patient is in; or it can be a portable unit on wheels that can be moved to where the patient is located.

Overhead lifting units attached to a rail offer great flexibility in design. They can be formatted to move a patient simply from one point to another (from bed to chair or tub, for example) or to any position in a room (from bed to any other area). Also, they can be designed to move a patient from one room to another.

Portable patient lifts are also available. They roll on casters and, after hoisting the patient electronically or hydraulically, can be pushed by the caregiver across the floor to position the patient elsewhere.

A necessary component of any patient lifting system is the sling. The sling is as important for safety and patient comfort as is the lifting unit itself. Slings come in many different designs, materials, sizes, and weight capacities.

An immobile person is putting great faith, trust, and confidence in a person when they are being lifted by that person. They want to know the lifting system - regardless of the type or design - is not going to fail. You can put that same trust in us at Bridgevalley.

As well, our suppliers of patient lifts have our utmost respect. Their engineers are a valuable resource and can design a system to meet any patient lifting need or situation. Their products meet or exceed all relevant global safety standards. You will benefit from reliable, efficient, high quality products. And, like many of our suppliers, they are a Canadian company!

We work with experienced contractors and engineers on any installation that might require home modifications.

If you would like to discuss the variety of patient lifts available and what would work best in your home, please
call us at 902-700-9058 in the Halifax area and 844-543-8968 elsewhere. We provide prompt no cost/no obligation in-home consultations anywhere on mainland Nova Scotia.

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