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Power wheelchairs:
Wheelchair clients often want to increase their home and surrounding's accessibility, and their own mobility and independence. They also are concerned for the well-being of their caregivers and attendants. A power wheelchair helps them accomplish all these factors.

A personal inventory can help with your decision to use a power wheelchair:

Power chairs can give you more independence and help prevent future problems. With a power chair, you can project a more positive, independent, and functional image. They are faster, more manoeuverable, and easier on your body.

There are several power chair models available and many options to meet your specific needs. They vary in weight capacity, turning radius, width and length, ground clearance, suspension types, seat configurations, distance range, seat size, etc. We can program their electronics to optimize performance. We will work with your Occupational Therapist to ensure your chair is right for you.

Call us at 902-700-9058 in the Halifax area and elsewhere at 844 543 8968 to further discuss your powerchair needs. We provide prompt no cost/no obligation in-home consultations anywhere on mainland Nova Scotia.

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