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Stair Lift Testimonial

"I have been completely satisfied with the stair lift and installation. Your service has always been efficient and pleasant. Thank you."
- Jean S.,Greenwood

A stair lift is simply a chair-like seat affixed to a power unit which travels on a metal rail affixed to a staircase.

Stair lifts have been available since the late 1920s so the concept is certainly not new. They have seen many changes over the years. Today's stair lifts have two very important characteristics:


Today's stair lifts are battery powered so they will operate even during a power outage. Yes, a 110 v electrical plug is needed near the staircase, but this is merely to charge the batteries. Most lifts have two motors. In the highly unlikely event that one fails, the lift will still work. The electronics in the stair lifts we supply have proven themselves reliable over many years of use.

When assessing a stair lift installation, some of the things we take into consideration are:

There is a variety of different models of stair lifts. They are available for both straight and curved stairways and can be installed indoors or outdoors. A measure for a straight stair lift is not a complicated procedure. However, when measuring for a curved lift, we use a patented camera/computer system specifically designed for this purpose. Several markers are placed on the steps and a series of pictures is taken. From these pictures, a 3-D image of the installation is generated and blueprints showing the exact measurements and other details can be provided. We are pleased to be providers of BRUNO and Handicare stair lifts.

Would you like to see what a stair lift would look like on the staircase in your home? A new app can generate that picture for you - on your own staircase! Call 902-700-9058 in the Halifax area and 844-543-8968 today.

We offer prompt free, no obligation in-home consultations anywhere on mainland Nova Scotia. Increased Accessibility, Independence, and Mobility can be yours . . . and our AIM is to help you achieve that!

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