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A Vertical Platform Lift, also known as a VPL, a "porch" or a "deck" lift, is designed to lift a person or a person on a wheelchair or scooter from ground level (usually) up to the level of a deck or landing. Of course, from there, they can more easily get into their home.

A VPL consists of a platform which is raised and lowered by means of a gear system in the "tower" - the tall structure to which the platform is attached. The entire unit is safely and firmly attached to a reinforced concrete pad in the ground.

This type of lift is an alternative to a ramp and it has a few advantages over ramps:

Vertical Platform Lifts can be installed indoors or out. They are weatherproof and their electronics are well-protected. They are available in a battery-operated DC model that will operate even when the power is out.

The safety and reliability of the products we sell and install are of utmost importance to us, as they are to you. Our Vertical Platform Lifts are no exception:



There are several models of VPLs available, depending on your needs. We are pleased and proud to represent BRUNO VPLs in Western Nova Scotia. We'd be pleased to visit with you to provide a prompt no cost, no obligation assessment and quote on the proper model to match your needs.

Please don't hesitate to give us a call at 902-700-9058 in the Halifax area and 844-543-8968 elsewhere if you'd like learn more about Vertical Platform Lifts.

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